Success Stories

For Health, For Well-Being, For Life.

Here are some of the amazing success stories that inspired us to take responsibility of bringing this technology to the world and emboldened us with our goal to help those who trust us with their desire for a healthy body and mind, well-being and happy, meaningful lives.

I have been wheelchair user for 17 years, and for several years I have been using this therapy to maintain my muscle tone. For someone like me who cannot use the gym, this is the best possible alternative.

I was frustrated with my love handles and stuborn belly fat, but could not get to a gym because of my busy work schedule. I tried every yo-yo diet and fad diet that overpromised and always underdelivered results. After a friend recommended electrotherapy, I used their technology and lost  8″ from my waist. Thanks to electrotherapy, I’ve reached my goal, a 30″ inch waist. Electrotherapy technology not only helped me lose inches, tone and build muscle, but has changed my perception of food forever. I am most grateful because electrotherapy has taught me a sustainable and conscientious way of managing my health.

I started doing electrotherapy treatments when I was 13 years old. The program has completely changed my life and I will forever be grateful. I’ve never felt better in my life and I am no longer self-concious about my body.

I have been on the electrotherapy and nutrition program for almost 2 years and I have lost 75 lbs. Most notably, I’ve been able to keep the weight off even when I don’t follow my nutrition like I am supposed to. Additionally, this therapy has been extremely helpful in combating my anxiety and other symptoms of PTSD.

As a result of the electrotherapy treatments I am getting over the past year, I accomplished a body make over. I lost 35 pounds and many inches. I am grateful for Robey Taute’s encouragements to follow his eating program and his courteous staff for trimming inches off my abdominal and waist line areas. I also experienced relief from back and muscle aches due to my double hip replacements. I continue getting electrotherapy maintenance treatments for toning and firming my body, but most importantly to manage my aches and pains, sometimes, due to inflammation.