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Electrotherapy Explained
The ElectreCare system utilizes skin contact electrodes combined with energy, in the form of electricity, to achieve fat reduction while maintaining firm and supportive muscles. The electrical energy is tailored to produce three functions: Circulation, Detoxification, and Muscular Stimulation. Circulation allows oxygen from the blood to be present and utilized in the Detoxification step, where fats (lipids) are released from the cells and decomposed to molecular sized triglycerides and fatty acids. Once the fat is decomposed to molecular sized particles, the body simply eliminates the decomposed fat as carbon dioxide while breathing. The Muscular Stimulation function then maintains a strong musculature to prevent sagging as a result of the lost fat cell volume.

Clients have the opportunity to have a single drop of their blood analyzed under a darkfield phase contrast microscope both before and after treatment. During the analysis, which is performed in front of the client, one can actually see a distinct increase in blood fat, known as chylous (pronounced ‘kylous’) after the electrotherapy treatment. The presence of additional chylous after treatment not only proves the effectiveness of the protocol, it can also be used to monitor the rate of fat loss.

Dr. Brewer

My first thought was that it couldn’t work. How could ElectreCare do what conventional treatments could not? When my 400+ pound patient lost 150 pounds, I tried it myself, lost 25 pounds, and am keeping it off. My other patients are having the same experience. Your muscles actually feel the workout. I am convinced this is an important approach to the obesity crisis — and I am proud to be a part of it.

Dr. Garry Lee