Executive Summary

ElectreCare is a Nevada Corporation incorporated February 2017 by its Founder and Principal Purie Manuel. The company provides unique services within the health, wellness and therapeutic industry specific to electrotherapy techniques and ancillary services beneficial to the physical health of its patients. ElectreCare has an exclusive license agreement with the founder of the electrotherapy machine techniques, processes and protocols which have been used for over thirty years and recently improved, providing a successful history. The electrotherapy machines are FDA cleared for use. Seeing the improvements in clients’ health and wellness and hearing from the clients themselves, moved Purie Manuel to make these services available to the public and treat the millions in need of such treatments.

Board of Directors

Purie Manuel
Founder, CEO, 

Ken Johanning
Vested Member

Richard C. Overstreet
Finance Officer

Hal Thorne
General Counsel

Advisory Board

Thomas Brewer, Ph.D.
Professional Consultant

Patty Campbell
Ads and Social Media Consultant

Robey Taute
Marketing Consultant

Maria Taute
Technical Consultant